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Jaida - Editorial Stylist


Jaida Cureton is Owner, Master Stylist, and state-licensed Cosmetology Instructor at Jade Multicultural Salon in Richmond, Virginia. Jaida completed her Cosmetology training in Portsmouth, Virginia under the tutelage of stylists with over 80 years combined Beauty Culture experience. After graduation, she relocated to Richmond and became a mentee of the world-renowned Mr. Ernest Andrews of Mr. Andrews Hair Company, the first African American salon owner in the prestigious Carytown business district. She continues to further her technical training with the best in the industry, from Ted Gibson (NYC & L.A.) to Kris McDred (Dubai) to Mazella & Palmer (UK) and many more. Of highest importance to Jaida is providing her clients a world-class experience and education, second to none. 


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Kamala - Natural Hair Specialist

She is: An Artistic cultivator of content inspired by mind, body, spirit reconnection. Kamala's impact on the global art community is undeniable.

Her creativity is such a gift to the world her unique signature looks are recognizable anywhere.

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Introducing Zandria Cherry, a gifted natural hair stylist whose journey began as a child, learning the art of hair care from her late mother. From an early age, She watched in awe as her mother transformed hair into stunning works of art, instilling in her a deep appreciation for the beauty and health of natural hair.


Her mother's legacy became Zandria’s inspiration, and she embarked on a path of mastering the craft of natural hair care. Her journey led her to become a licensed cosmetologist, dedicating her craft to helping clients embrace their natural hair textures. Through years of dedication and hard work, she honed her skills, becoming a respected authority in the field. Her commitment to the mantra "beautiful and healthy hair" is not just a tagline; it's a way of life.

Zandria provides a haven where clients experience not only her exceptional styling techniques but also her unwavering dedication to nurturing hair's well-being. She carries forward her mother's teachings and techniques, ensuring her legacy lives on through every client she touches.

Beyond her remarkable skill set, Zandria’s true gift lies in her ability to connect with her clients on a personal level. She understands that beautiful, healthy hair isn't just about appearance; it's about confidence and self-expression. In every styling session, she imparts her wisdom, helping clients achieve the hair they've always dreamed of while honoring her mother's memory.

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